PELVIC FLOOR THERAPY The pelvic floor (PF) is a group of muscles that function to support your pelvic organs, assist in urinary and fecal continence, assist in childbirth, aid sexual sensation & orgasm, stabilize connecting joints and act as a venous and lymphatic pump for the pelvis. From a psycho-emotional standpoint, the pelvic floor is a ripe storage area for unprocessed trauma and conflict. With such a huge responsibility, the pelvic floor of both men and women can become greatly imbalanced. Imbalance can be caused by everything from improper posture, childbirth and stress to improper breathing patterns and held trauma. Imbalance in your pelvic floor can affect your basic ability to function as a whole person. ​Some of the most common symptoms of a pelvic floor imbalance include: digestive problems, uterine pain/menstrual cramps and uterine misalignment, infertility, hip and low back pain, urinary and bowel incontinence, painful sex, lack of sensation during sex and the inability to achieve orgasm. How does the pelvic floor affect pregnancy and childbirth? Throughout pregnancy and birth, a healthy pelvic floor becomes even more significant. During pregnancy, an imbalanced pelvic floor can lead to urinary incontinence, a baby that doesn't get in ideal position for birth, and painful intimacy as the baby grows. Childbirth can be affected by lack of tone or excess tension which can lead to prolonged labor, higher likelihood of tearing & increased postpartum recovery time. What inspired me to do this work? During my years catching babies, I heard the testimonies of hundreds of women that struggled with pelvic floor issues caused by previous traumas, pregnancies & births that had been left untreated. Some women were struggling with urinary incontinence after birth and some from painful sex, which was causing their intimate relationships to suffer. Still others had such traumatic births they had completely shut down all connection to their pelvic floor which caused menstrual cramps, hip, back and sciatic pain. Hearing these testimonies was my catalyst to becoming a pelvic floor specialist. What happens during a session? Your session is personalized and is a blend of breathwork, hands on education, somatic exercises and body postures that bring awareness, tone and strength not only to your pelvic floor but to your entire core. The goal is to fully integrate your body, creating fluidity and balance, which is the beginning of all healing. How long is a session and how many are recommended? Each session is roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your needs. Every persons needs are different. As a woman, mother and midwife, I fully understand the tender physical and emotional feelings that can be stored in the tissues of pelvic floor. Having been in the field of birth work for 15 years, I have an intimate and detailed knowledge of the pelvic floor. It's important you know that this work is done with you being an active participant in your healing process. As a full spectrum midwife, honoring the mind, body and spirit, I am proud to offer a safe space and a heart of compassionate understanding.